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“Public Domain”

Have you ever heard of Digital Humanities?!? No? Me either.  When I first heard those two words I thought well shouldn’t they cancel each other out?  I mean who puts computers w people. Not the same right?  What you probably don’t know, and neither did I, is that digital humanities is a small part of a growing area of Interdisciplinary studies and humanities.3077193540_56353ae92f_m

With the broadening meaning of humanities, digital humanities are a new and useful field.    Still think you have no idea what this can be used for? Think ancient texts or lore.  We can now store this and recreate it digitally for many generations to come. We can do this  without fear of destructing the pieces by use alone.  Older texts can now be turned “into new art in interactive works like Birdsong Compliance.” (Repko, 75)  The field can use and integrate the fine arts with technology.

There was a project to map internet growth, disasters, and infrastructure concerns.  The pictures created from this were so amazing they went to the Museum of Modern Art. This field seems to be in its infancy, but as I learn more about it I for one look forward to where it will lead us.

“Public Domain”

“Public Domain”

“Public Domain”


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